Identity Theft Risk CheckSM
Identity Theft Risk CheckSM

As smartphones become a more popular means of keeping up with the world and conducting business, users increase their risk of being targeted by identity thieves and hackers. This short quiz will help you identify any gaps in your knowledge of mobile and smartphone identity theft protection. Answer true or false to each question, and we will share your score and provide further explanation of the correct answer.

After you have submitted your answers, a response will be given in one of the three following areas:

You are at high-risk to be a victim, if you aren't already. Take steps immediately to protect yourself.
You are at medium-risk to be victimized by Identity Theft. Take steps to protect yourself.
You are at low-risk for Identity Theft, but don't get complacent. There is always some risk of Identity Theft, so continue to take the necessary precautions.
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